Posted by: gardenshf | March 6, 2015

Renovation of the Waterfall


Spring has begun to show it’s luxurious face here at The Gardens at Heather Farm.  What does that mean for us, you might ask?  Apart from the gargantuan task of weed pulling, this is an optimal time to plant!  Over the winter, we stripped the waterfall garden in order to revive it with a planting of Japanese-style plants with drought tolerance in mind.  Though many of the plants are still dormant, as spring hits we will be able to watch them grow and fill in as the season progresses.  The planting includes some unusual ornamental grass

es, conifers, clumping bamboo, large scale bonsai, itoh peonies (a hybrid between your typical garden peony and a tree peony), Iris (which are decidedly not drought tolerant, but have their water needs met by being in such close proximity to the pond and stream), and more creeping thyme than can even be comprehended.  As you walk by, the beds may appear a touch barren for the moment, but when you take off your sunglasses and look a bit closer, you will see that there are, in fact, over 1,000 new plants in the ground just waiting for warmer weather to greet us and grow at a quick pace!

At the top of this post is a photo of the empty beds will only a single bonsai Japanese black pine. You’ll have to swing into the garden to see the plantings.  Come back another time to watch as we put the finishing touches on.


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