Posted by: gardenshf | December 11, 2014

The herb garden is now replanted!


In effort to prove that beauty can be created with minimal water usage, we replanted the old herb garden at the southern most portion of the garden in two zones.  The southern zone was planted with everblooming hydrangeas, sword ferns, bear’s breech, and bugleweed.  The area receives artificial shade during the summer months from some umbrellas which have star jasmine growing up them.  The concept is that once the start jasmine takes over, we will be able to remove the canvas portion of the umbrellas to create a unique arbor.  The northern zone includes, New Zealand flax, hebes, society garlic, lily-of-the-Nile, ‘Dark Star’ ceanothus, a tree form ‘Ray Hartmann’ ceanothus, and cape plumbago.  These species retain many of the aesthetic attributes of the hydrangea area without the intensive water requirements.  The water usage here will be exceptionally minimal while still providing a great deal of beauty.  The plants are obviously small at the moment, but please come back and visit often to watch them grow and fill out!


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