Posted by: gardenshf | February 15, 2013

Winter Birds: Discovering Our Feathered Inhabitants Walk

My life is so busy – always trying to cram so much into each hour that I rarely take any downtime.  Because of that I was hesitant to sign up for The Gardens first Winter Walk, “Discover Our Feathered Inhabitants”, but my love of outdoor birds and gardens drew me to sign up.  We started with some quiet time and a poem read by one of our leaders, Jackie Jordan; our other two leaders were Patrice Hanlon and Dan Stanton.  We are reminded that the Gardens are very meditative and they change every day; and nature can bring out more in us.  The Gardens allow us to take time to slow down and to refresh ourselves.

Strolling through the Gardens we immediately came upon several birds to observe –one was a beautiful Black Phoebe that was delighted to be scratching around the ground.  Patrice Hanlon the Garden Director was excited as well because just the day before her group of volunteers had cleaned up that area and stirred up lots of good things for the bird to forage on.  The Gardens is a safe haven for all creatures because of its dedication to sustainability and not using chemicals. After that sighting we began strolling and chatting about the birds that make The Gardens their home –whether permanent or migratory.    Approaching the ponds I was delighted to see my favorite bird – the Great Blue Heron– so majestic and peaceful in its setting.  We also got lucky with several sightings of the Black Crowned Night Heron.  They are pros at hiding in the trees that surround the ponds.  There were so many birds to observe that we could have spent hours.  There are other animals that make the park their home – in particular the river otters that go between the native ponds and the big pond.  Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to see them – they come out much earlier in the day, so a good reason to come back.

A Great Blue Heron at the pond, with otters swimming in the background

A Great Blue Heron at the pond, with otters swimming in the background. Photo by Jackie Jordan

Nearing the end of the walk we stopped to reflect down by the big oak next to the native pond and were asked to write a poem if we were so inspired – I have never written a poem but was so surprised how inspired I was to bring reflection on our time together. I am definitely looking forward to the next walk scheduled for February 22nd.


On this mild winter day

We stroll The Gardens

Among friends

Looking for Birds

Looking for Reflection

Looking for Peace

On this mild winter day

We stroll The Gardens

Looking ….


Sandi S.


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