Posted by: gardenshf | April 13, 2012

Spring Plant Sale

What a wild week of weather! This weekend looks to be perfect for getting out and stocking up on habitat plants, succulents, perennials and shrubs for sun and shade. Our plant sale is this Saturday the 14th, from 9am to 12 noon.

The sale is NOT at The Gardens building, but at our greenhouse, 600 N. San Carlos Drive, past the ball fields and dog park in Heather Farm Park.

Our native plants are ready and we also have a variety of annual flowers, tomatoes and many different basils to choose from.

If you can’t make it to this sale we will be having a second one on May 5th featuring new annuals that are not ready now. Come early and help support our beautiful lush sustainable gardens that bloom and thrive without any chemicals, and our many educational programs for adults and students. The Gardens are free and accessible to everyone.

The Prices for this Sale:

2″ vegetables                                                 $1.50
Six-packs                                                        $2.00
3″ vegetables                                                 $3.00
4″ perennials                                                 $3.50
1 gallons                                                         $5.00
Native 4″  and slow growing shrubs    $5.00
Natives 1 Gallon                                          $8.00

We hope to see you at one of the sales!

— Patrice Hanlon


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