Posted by: gardenshf | February 2, 2012

The View From Two Wheels: Spring Is Here!

I am a very lucky guy. My “commute” to The Gardens is a 30 minute bike ride, on my very comfortable recumbent bike. And best of all, 90% of the ride is on the wonderful bike trails we are so lucky to have here in central Contra Costa. On a bike, you’re moving at a slower pace, and you feel the air, smell the smells, and really notice what is going on. For my occasional blog posts, I plan to share some of these observations, which remind me of the rich collection of flora and fauna we have, even here in the suburbs.

The subtitle of this post is not meant to cause annoyance in anyone reading this back east, although it probably will. I am trying to make a point that became extra clear to me on the ride in this morning. It is this: No matter how many more heavy rains or hard frosts we have (and both can occur quite regularly in February), we cannot go back to the barren, wintery days of January. It is technically not spring yet. But everything has changed. The grasses which began to sprout with the first November rains have now thickly greened up. The Acacia trees are covered in a carpet of deep yellow blooms ; Magnolias are just about to explode into pink and white brilliance; almonds, cherry plums and other early blooming trees are full of flowers. And the birds have definitely figured it out. At certain points along the trail, the varieties of birdsong are as copious as on any April morning. Without a doubt, the richness and intensity of spring life is pushing its way through. It cannot be stopped. And that’s a glorious thing.

— Tyler Snortum-Phelps

GHF Operations Manager


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