Posted by: gardenshf | January 27, 2012

Arlene’s Paper Creations

I like collecting things that I “could use one day”.  My husband thinks it’s a bad habit, but he is an enabler, as he had a room built for me to contain the habit. Let me tell you, the room is not big enough. Truthfully, I’m not organized enough.  I’ve spread out into other rooms in our house. My current interest is in paper. I’ve collected colored shiny ads that come mostly around sale days and certain holidays. I enjoy useful origami and must use recycled paper. One of my friends at the Gardens at Heather Farm is encouraging me to use past calendars because of the colors and the weight of the paper. (sigh) I still have gift wrap from my neighbor’s trash when her daughter got married more than 10 years ago. (I shouldn’t tell my secrets).

Here are some photos of things I’ve made. You can come to the Gardens main office to see some of these.

–Arlene, Gardens at Heather Farm education office


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