Posted by: gardenshf | January 6, 2012

The View From Two Wheels

I am a very lucky guy. My “commute” to The Gardens is a 30 minute bike ride, on my very comfortable recumbent bike. And best of all, 90% of the ride is on the wonderful bike trails we are so lucky to have here in central Contra Costa. On a bike, you’re moving at a slower pace, and you feel the air, smell the smells, and really notice what is going on. For my occasional blog posts, I plan to share some of these observations, which remind me of the rich collection of flora and fauna we have, even here in the suburbs.

One of my favorite “friends” these days is found in the canal that runs alongside the bike path as it circles the larger, and wilder, of the two lakes in Heather Farm Park. A Snowy Egret has found a wonderful niche that no other birds of its type seems to want. It wades through this canal, which is quite shallow, and fishes away undisturbed most every morning. These beautiful white birds are usually pretty shy and fly away when humans get too close. This one seems to have gotten over that fear, and consequently, gets a great fishing spot all to itself. I have seen walkers, bikers and dogs go by this calm creature and it just continues hunting for the small fish and other water creatures that form its diet. I hope it is not becoming too accustomed to people, but I do feel grateful for such a close view of a lovely animal.

-Tyler Snortum-Phelps

Gardens at Heather Farm Operations Manager


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