Posted by: gardenshf | October 22, 2014

The Rockery is Replanted!

As promised, we have replanted the rockery with succulents and cacti donated by the Ruth Bancroft Garden and a few of our own.  They are a bit small at the present, but in a few years time this area will be amazing.  Expect the agave to reach sizes of 5×5 or greater!  Our volunteers were willing to sweat and most likely bleed to make this a success, and we can’t thank them enough!  Next week, we will be installing the fresh plants in the butterfly garden and working our way up the southern most portions of the gardens with fresh plants.


Posted by: gardenshf | October 17, 2014

New Plants For The Rockery!

At long last, we have enough plants to finish out the Rockery!  By next week, we will have everything removed except for the existing conifers.  We will then be able to plant it out with succulents and cacti generously donated by the Ruth Bancroft Garden.  This renovation has been quite a process, and we are nearing the point of tasting the fruits of out labor!  Here is a shot of some of the plants we are about to install:


I will provide another update once planting is complete!  Drop by and see the progress.

Posted by: gardenshf | October 13, 2014

Chrysanthemum Bloom Has Begun!

At long last, our Chrysanthemum garden has begun to show its true colors!  As you pass by in the coming weeks, more and more blooms are going to be developing culminating in an amazing extravaganza of show stopping color.  It is definitely possible for one to enjoy such color right there at home.  Join Steve Dawkins this Thursday from 6-8 pm to learn just how that is done.  IMG_20141013_085456_350

Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

September 13th Plant Sale Extravaganza

Fall is approaching, and we all know that’s the best time of the year to plant some new and fun things in your garden.  We happen to have around 200 species and cultivars available for purchase at our annual fall plant sale September 13th at our greenhouse facilities.  Stop in to meet like minded people and get expert advice on plant selection and care from our dedicated staff and volunteers!


Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

The Cave of Wonders

Looking for a spot for a peaceful reflection on life?  Look no further!  Take a break from the heat and everyday life for a while under this fruitless weeping Russian mulberry (that’s a mouthful!).  Children love hiding in this spot, and many adults do to!  With breathtaking views of the rose garden and the lake below, we highly recommend indulging in some alone time under this tree.  You are never to old to enjoy the shad of our wooden friends!


Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

Butterfly Garden Improvements

What’s that?!  A hole in our garden that must be filled!  No butterfly garden is complete without a nice selection of species from the Asclepias genus. We’re talking about milkweed, here!  Many of us are familiar with our native thin-leaved milkweed, however the genus is LARGE and full of exciting species.  Some of these species reach heights of six feet and have a large shrub/small tree sort of appearance.  We’ve had the good fortune of locating some of these rarities, and will be planting out the area with a good supply of other butterfly attractants as fall approaches.  Have a look at the area in question, and keep an eye out as we make progress.


Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

Roses are rocking, even in the heat of summer!

Things have turned out nicely for our rose garden this season.  Due to a careful blend of liquid-fed organic nutrients, we have managed to sustain blooms, even during the hottest months of the year.  The lesson here is simple.  Feed your plants properly, and you will be rewarded with beauty beyond your wildest dreams.  The hybrid tea roses in particular are showing their stuff at the moment.  Things will only get better as the granular organic fertilizer begins to work its magic on the floribunda roses on the tiers.  It’s never a bad time to smell the roses, but this is a wonderful time!  Come back again in October to have your breath taken away.



Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

Dahlias are stopping the show!

Through a generous gift of plant material from Kathy Echols of Midhill Farms in Martinez, we were able to replace a bed of pincushion flowers with some gorgeous dahlias.  These specimens are beginning to hit their stride in the garden, and should tide us over until we hit the fall blooming periods for Chrysanthemums and roses.  Located in the parking area inside the garden, you won’t want to miss the blooms coming on as we speak.  It’s always a tough road planting during the heat of the summer, but these dahlias in particular have put up with the temperatures remarkably well and will be there for our mutual enjoyment for years to come!



Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

Ornamental Grasses Coming Your Way

In these dry times, we have got to be a bit more choosy with the plant material we select to plant.  An overlooked bastion of beauty in many gardens is the world of ornamental grasses.  We have around 1,000 plugs growing over at our greenhouse in preparation for a volunteer planting day later on this month.  The display will include pink muhly grass, giant sacaton, sand love grass, and others.  The bed is prepped and ready for planting.  Now, it’s just hoping the little ones are large enough to go into the ground by planting day!  The spot is located right by the Chrysanthemum beds by the gate closest to the lake.  Have a look at the space we are about to fill:


Posted by: gardenshf | September 5, 2014

Chrysanthemums are getting ready to burst!

Through a generous donation of time, money, and plant material from local Chrysanthemum aficionado Steve Dawkins, The Gardens at Heather Farm has installed a delightful display of standard mums.  Irrigated via drip and accented with beans to added beauty and nitrogen fixation, this spot is sure to be a show stopper in October.  These are not your garden variety mums.  We are stocked with unusual specimens that won’t be found in many gardens in the area.  The rose garden will be in top condition at this time as well, so make sure to plan a trip to walk the gardens in the fall to see the complimentary blooms!  Here’s a shot of the current state of affairs:


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